Group Programs for Adolescents

RAP for Adolescents

The Resourceful Adolescent Program (RAP-A) is designed to help adolescents between the ages of 11 and 15 to navigate challenges during a time of considerable change.

The aim of RAP-A is to help adolescents learn coping strategies that will build resilience. These life skills will equip participants with the means to deal with stress, anxiety and depression that may arise during this period of growth or in the future.

About the Program

The RAP-A program builds resilience in pre-teenagers and young adolescents by enhancing individual strengths. It integrates elements of cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) and Interpersonal Therapy.

The cognitive-behavioural components teach techniques in relaxation and stress management, the relationship between thoughts, feelings and behaviour and problem solving skills. The interpersonal component stresses the importance of promoting harmony, building personal support networks and being able to understand the perspective of others.

Participants learn strategies to help them recover their self-esteem in stressful situations and enhance their ability to bounce back.

RAP-A is a positively focused program suitable for ages 11-15. It consists of seven 60 minute sessions. Session are facilitated in small groups and are generally held on a weekly basis.

Program Outline

Session 1
I’m ok, I’m building on my strengths – An introduction to the program, setting ground rules & reviewing strengths.

Session 2
Body clues and self-talk – Explore body signals relating to positive & negative feelings and learn strategies to relax.

Session 3
I am what I think – Examining how thoughts affect feelings & behaviour and skills in cognitive restructuring.

Session 4
You can change your thinking – Challenging risky negative thoughts & promoting positive self-talk.

Session 5
There are solutions to my problems – Developing skills to identify how others may be experiencing interpersonal situations.

Session 6
Keep the peace & make the peace – Strategies to avoid or manage conflict. When to move away from conflict. A review of the RAP house and celebration.

Each week participant’s develop their own personal ‘RAP-A house’ by laying down different personal resource bricks including ‘Personal Strength Bricks’, ‘Keeping Calm Bricks’ and ‘Problem Solving Bricks’.

How to Register

RAP workshops are held at both The Gap and Stafford clinics several times a year. The program is run in groups of 5 to 10 students and is suitable for ages 11-15 years. Please contact the team at YoungMinds on 3857 0074 to reserve a place.

Download the RAP Brochure