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RAP for Parents

The Resourceful Adolescent Program for Parents (RAP-P) is designed for parents of adolescents. It has been found to work particularly well for parents of 11-15 year olds.

RAP-P involves three parent sessions. Each session is two hours duration.

About the Program

The quality of the parent-adolescent relationships, and the presence of family conflict are reliable predictors of adolescent depression. Alternatively, strong parental attachments and expressions
of warmth and caring have been found to buffer adolescents from depression.

The RAP Parent program (RAP-P) was developed to help parents promote the optimal family environment for healthy adolescent development.

RAP-P aims to help parents boost their own self esteem and the self-esteem of their adolescents. RAP-P also helps parents to manage their negative emotional overreactions to their adolescents and their adolescents’ emotional overreactions tothem.

The Resourceful Adolescent Program for Parents involves three parent sessions generally held in the evenings. Each session is approximately two hours duration.

Program Outline

Session 1 – Parent’s are people too!

In this session parents are encouraged to focus on their existing strengths, and to recognise their contribution to their adolescent’s wellbeing. This session also helps parents identify the impact of stress on effective parenting and ways to manage stress.

Session 2 – What makes adolescents tick?

Parents are encouraged to consider the specific needs of adolescents. The group discuss adolescent development and role transitions pertinent to this age group (e.g., the dilemma of balancing the need for nurturance and protectiveness, with the desire for growing independence).

Specific techniques to help parents bolster an adolescent’s self-esteem are also covered.

Session 3 – Promoting Family Harmony

In this session parents focus on the process of promoting harmonious family relationships. Specific techniques and different family interactions are explored to help parents strengthen their emotional closeness with their adolescents.

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RAP-P workshops are held at both The Gap and Stafford several times a year.
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Circle of Security for Parents

The Circle of Security program is a registered program based on decades of research about how secure parent-child relationships can be supported and strengthened. The Circle of Security program was created by Glenn Cooper, Kent Hoffman and Bert Powell and aims to help parents and caregivers understand their child’s emotional world by learning to read emotional needs, support their child’s ability to successfully manage emotions, and enhance the development of their child’s self-esteem.

The Circle of Security program, run by Young Minds facilitators, is open to parents and carers of children aged 0-8, expecting parents, and individuals working with young families.

Program Outline

Session 1 – Welcome

Session 2 – Exploring our children’s needs all the way around the circle

Session 3 – “Being With” on the circle

Session 4 – The path to security

Session 5 – Exploring our struggles

Session 6 – Rupture and repair in relationships, summary and celebration

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How to Register

Circle of Security workshops are held at both Stafford and Redcliffe several times a year.
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