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Eating Disorders & Weight Management

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Eating Disorders & Weight Management

Individuals are unique with genetic, cultural, physical and psychological factors that influence their development and personality. Hence, a number of perpetuating factors may lead to weight problems obesity or disordered eating.

Evidence based research does not support dieting which is why the team at Young Minds and Minds4Health have been trained to deliver a non diet intervention.

Our role is to help improve weight problems, body image and overall physical and emotional health by developing a personalised and holistic plan that is appropriate to an individual’s personal needs.

While each treatment plan will be different, our approach is evidence based so that our clients have a high chance of achieving their goals.

No specific weight goals

We understand that people have different levels of resilience and they experience different barriers to change. Our role is to harness existing skills and teach new skills aimed at overcoming personal challenges which make it hard to sustain change.

Our weight management program aims to help individuals with weight problems overcome barriers to change. We achieve this by:

  • Fostering attitudes which promote healthy behaviours
  • Explore core beliefs and automatic thoughts
  • Develop behavioural plans to integrate lifestyle changes
  • Help clients optimise their nutritional status
  • Help clients set realistic goals
  • Encourage activity
  • Empower, motivate and encourage commitment
  • Enable support networks

We are psychologists and hence, we do not offer a weight loss program that includes a specific diet and exercise program. We may however, work with GP’s, Dietitians, and other specialists to support clients as they build their nutritional status or maintain physical goals.

You can be part of the non-diet revolution and work with one of our Australian Centre for Eating Disorders approved practitioners.