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Setting SMART New Year’s Resolutions

Setting SMART New Year’s Resolutions

So today we greet another new year.

For many of us the New Year is a time to consider making positive changes in our life and discarding our most annoying bad habits. You know the bad habits I’m talking about. Those overindulgences that we know are not good for us. The ones we have tried to stop many times but just can’t seem to get past the first day of discomfort.

The trouble is New Year’s resolutions rarely provide enough motivation for change to occur. Hence, there is a lot more involved in behavioural change then just making a mental note to change.

Setting goals is a good start.  Of course, goals should be SMART. They should be:

  • Specific;
  • Measurable;
  • Achievable;
  • Realistic;
  • Time limited.

Goals also need to be supported by a realistic plan that enables incremental change over time. Slow but progressive change is important because we are, after all, trying to break a habit that has generally been going on for quite some time. Here is a great video clip about behavioural change that you may find helpful

Some habits, such as addictions or weight management, may benefit from additional support. If you require further information about behavioural change or assistance in putting together a plan to facilitate changing your bad habits, the trained psychologists at YoungMinds and Minds4Health would be happy to work with you to help you achieve your goals.

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